To the rescue
One well-known individual from the expedition, Cassidy, a security specialist, has been taken captive by one of the tribes, the Followers of Manifesto. To rescue him, Dorothy (Dot) has outfitted a drone to fly her to where she’s tracked him to, while the rest of the expedition has been airlifted to a temporary landing zone enroute to the city of Horizon, 12 hours away.
Under threat to attack
They have learned that the UGS military has somehow gained knowledge of their presence on the planet and are dispatching a fast-attack combat team to extract something from the area that the expedition has explored and encountered. The NEOGen team has been told to end operations on Desola. They have 48 hours till the combat team arrives, and have been advised by communication with a NEOGen officer that they should clear out before they arrive, as their aggressive history would suggest that nothing will stand in their way of their goal and once they’ve taken whatever it is they’ve come for, they’ll “neutralize” the target site.
On the run
Currently on the run with the remains of the expeditionary team after having been attacked multiple times by tribes of humans with fantastic abilities (not all tribes seem against them, and each tribe has an associated power). These powered humans are somehow connected with the Catalyst and make mention of their founders who are spoken of like lords or gods. The tribes also are searching for and expecting the return of Croft, a name that is tied to one of Owen Croft’s ancestors who was present on the Catalyst. He is tied to the reanimation of their founders.

NEOGen members, the team was somehow kept from having their memories wiped by a former employer and crime lord Atticus, who wants the men to grant him a cut of what they garner in their latest mission to assist an independently wealthy explorer Owen Croft. He is on an expedition in the jungles of Desola in search of what he believes to be the location of a scientific settlement that originally had taken several superpowered individuals from the last great super-powered war on Earth 200+ years ago. Sent aboard a refitted military FTL ship, the Catalyst, their records and navigation charts have been scrubbed from every system.

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