Fighting Excellent 20
Agility Remarkable 30
Strength Remarkable 30
Endurance Incredible 40
Reason Good 10
Intuition Excellent 20
Psyche Remarkable 30


Armored Skin Amazing 46

Internal Limbo Excellent 20

Powers stimulation
Chemical Touch
Radiowave emission Good 10

Karma 639

Medical Droid Remarkable
Not chosen excellent
Rebreather Good


A smuggler known for getting people and weapons though barriers. Obbie was a carefree flouting the law in getting around things. Helping people pass road blocks, smuggling illeagal drugs in and out. Corporate espianoge he made sure to keep his hands clean so he could not be on a watchlist prevented from leaving. Known for getting a group of accountants off planet and safely out of police custody with the records, he was wanted for many questioning but few details could be proven.

That all changed one day when he was sent to bring some “highly experimental drugs”. These drugs were actually a mutated virus that was designed to quickly pass the skin barrier and blood brain barrier.

With the airborn touch, it would have been spotted going though regular customs, but when released rather then just target a small ‘unloyal’ mob group, it had a longer aerial lifespan of 2 weeks rather then 2 days. It caused 85% fatality though painful nerve growth, wiping out nearly 3 million people on the colony planet Trakon IV.

For several years Obbie has been trying to repay the debt for his part in the destruction of the planet and hunt down those who originally created the virus and gave it to him to spread.


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